Leadership Team

IDALIB is represented by Dr. Concetta Russo, E.D., (President).

Dr. Russo is a leading authority on child development and learning disabilities, including Dyslexia, Autism and Attention Deficit Disorder. With over 35 years experience in diagnosing and treating children, Dr. Russo continues to work individually with clients in her Long Island practice. To contact Dr. Russo, please click here

Through IDALIB,  the board is working to increase the knowledge base, diagnostic awareness, and instructional skills of people who are in any way involved with individuals who have language-based learning difficulties. The IDALIB have engaged National speakers to present at their Conferences.  Speakers present current topics in order to inform and empower parents to assist their children obtain a better education.  

As part of our ongoing efforts to empower individuals with dyslexia, we are available to help individuals navigate the channels of local school systems and advocate on behalf of affected students. After proper diagnosis and treatment, it is IDALIB’s mission to ensure that every child receives appropriate instruction that results in the acquisition of effective reading and writing skills.

Many IDALIB members are actively involved in the recognition and remediation of dyslexia. For information about local resources, including diagnostic evaluations and tutoring, click here. We can also be reached by email at info@lidyslexia.org

  • Concetta Russo, Ed. D – President
  • Caryl Deiches – Vice President
  • Randi Burns 2nd – Vice President
  • Julia Bunyatov – Treasurer
  • Suellyn Hrubes – Secretary
  • Christine Pfundstein- Director 1 Fundraising
  • Susan Martinez Schultz- Director 2 Fundraising